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Naomi Lelliott

Specialist divorce and family lawyer Naomi Lelliott joined Excello Law in February 2020. She had always worked for smaller firms and was heading up to partnership, but once she achieved this she felt there had to be more to life.

“I worked long hours and I was trying to juggle children and a commute. I did start to work from home a little but I was in the office at least three days a week. Having to constantly juggle my work and family life made me think there has to be another way.”

Naomi had heard about the consultancy law firm model but wasn’t sure how best to move her practice. She continued to search for jobs in the hope of finding a better work-life balance. “I told prospective employers that I wanted to work from home but they weren’t receptive to this. I then found Excello and I’m glad I did because it has been life-changing for me.”

Bespoke services

Naomi considers her move to Excello one of the best career moves she has made. As a family lawyer, her work is very time pressured and reactive. “Clients need us often within a matter of hours, so we need that availability. The brilliant thing about Excello is the flexibility of what I’m able to offer my clients. I make decisions on a case by case basis so each client receives a bespoke service that is tailored to their needs. That gives clients the opportunity to receive legal advice in a way that suits them. I can tailor the package to their individual requirements instead of following the often rigid boundaries found at traditional firms. I’m no longer required to chase billing targets so I can provide a better service and better value for money.”

Authentic teamwork

Due to the legal industry’s competitive disposition, Naomi had never felt part of a team at previous firms. This changed when she joined Excello. “I feel part of a team. There are many events where we can meet up, including the virtual catch ups, quizzes, and book clubs. We have also created a family team within the firm and we have a get together once a month to talk about marketing and our work. There is much more of a team spirit at Excello. If I have any questions there is always someone to go to. Everyone is very open and flexible.”

The future of work

Naomi expects an increasing move towards flexibility. “The legal profession has traditionally focused on law firms with billing targets and being at the desk a certain number of hours. But you can’t do that so much anymore, particularly with the ongoing pandemic, and there are more women returning to work from starting a family who need a good level of flexibility, and law firms need to start offering that now.”

In her experience, having the flexibility of how and when she works has not only provided Naomi with the work life balance she had been looking for, but has also benefited her financially. “I have earnt a lot more than if I had stayed at a traditional firm and I would not be in the position I am in now if I had not moved to Excello.”

“You work as much as you want, meaning your career can fit around your personal and family life. You are in control of every element of your work without having to make sacrifices. You are also better able to service your clients as you are more available and flexible to meet their needs.”

“I would never go back to a traditional law firm and I think more lawyers should seriously consider moving to consultancy. I think a lot of people are scared about the prospect of being self-employed, but all you need is a good support team, which Excello Law offers.”