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Gurmeet Jakhu

Franchise law expert Gurmeet Jakhu joined Excello Law after practicing both in-house and with specialist franchising and commercial law firms in the Midlands.

However, Gurmeet had become disillusioned with practices that favoured shareholders, stakeholders and senior management, over clients: “It was clear that there was a different mindset and a shift away from client focused work, and it wasn’t for me.”

Team support

Gurmeet looked into other consultancy firms but was drawn in by Excello Law’s comprehensive support structures. “I felt the infrastructure and the setup Excello Law has in place seemed a lot more professional, had been tried and tested and is committed to evolving and improving.”

Excello’s benefits were immediately clear, as Gurmeet was always able to readily find support. “If you need help with a particular aspect of Excello’s systems, you can pick up the phone and the team is there to help.”

The firm’s marketing and administrative support has proved to be immensely helpful. “The marketing team organise regular online sessions where we can share stories and talk about networking and collaborate on ideas or new initiatives. Life at Excello is like being in a symbiotic relationship where we work hand in glove with each other, and the relationship benefits the whole team.”

Hitting the ground running

As an experienced franchising lawyer with many clients, it was crucial for Gurmeet to get started quickly once he joined Excello. “A really decisive factor for me was the ability to hit the ground running and I had confidence from the discussions I was having with Excello’s senior management team that I would be able to do that easily. When I was onboarded, I was able to start working pretty much the same day.”

As seen across the board with Excello, the work/life benefits that the consultancy model brings are key. “It’s been positive, and a huge benefit for me. I have autonomy and subject to my clients’ requirements, I can decide when and for how long I work.”

Gurmeet views the recent shift away from rigid working practices as complementary to Excello’s style and sees this as a challenge to more traditional firms. “I’ve noticed in the last 10-15 years, that there has been a massive shift in the solicitor-client relationship. For instance, clients are very proactive in seeking lawyers who understand their industry and will shop around to find the right professional, even if that means instructing lawyers from different firms. Clients are mindful of firms who think they have the absolute right to increase their hourly rates, annually, whether or not they provide a better service. This is not how to reward client loyalty!

“Now, with the advances in technology, which have been accelerated by the Covid-19 crisis we’ve had, clients are saying ‘we can have a healthy and meaningful relationship with our lawyers using technology, whether or not they have huge expensive city centre offices.’ One of the key aspects of Excello is that we have always worked this way.”

“Life at Excello is like being in a symbiotic relationship where we work hand in glove with each other, and the relationship benefits the whole team.”