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Everything you wanted to know about being an Excello lawyer


We know there are many questions lawyers have about a move to Excello Law.

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Excello Law was established in July 2009 as one of the first limited company law firms. We received our licence as an Alternative Business Structure in 2013.

Unlike traditional law firms, Excello Law has a streamlined structure led by an experienced and passionate board with extensive expertise. The Executive Board consists of Founder and Managing Director, George Bisnought and Recruitment Director Joanne Losty, supported by a Leadership Team covering marketing, finance, risk & compliance, operations, IT and business support services.

Excello Law is an entirely new-model law firm; we are neither a type of chambers or a franchise. Our structure was created to meet the evolving needs of lawyers and clients alike in the 21st century. We believe that by promoting collaborative and co-operative working, we can encourage success and, ultimately, happiness.

By removing unnecessary overheads and complex management structures, we position both lawyers and clients at the heart of our service matrix. The result is a dynamic legal services model which gives businesses access to some of the UK’s leading lawyers at more competitive prices.

For our lawyers, we offer fairer financial reward, and complete control and flexibility over their work and career path coupled with unparalleled administrative, technological, compliance and marketing support. We believe that by giving lawyers freedom to work as they choose, they achieve greater success. And successful lawyers mean happy lawyers and clients!

Each lawyer is carefully chosen for their merits and experience. We genuinely believe it is the quality of our lawyers that makes us different. We take time to listen and understand what they want from the move and how they want to build their business. We bespoke their transition and induction programme to meet the needs of every individual and our company ethos breeds trust, teamwork and success. We value our lawyers’ opinions and encourage collaborative working to create a robust working model which promotes success and a strong sense of community.

The term “virtual law firm” can be deceptive. Whilst Excello Law boasts cloud-based services and remote support, we encourage a strong community ethos and face-to-face interaction between our lawyers.

The needs of lawyers and clients are ever-changing and our firm continually evolves to meet those needs. So, while virtual working is entirely possible with Excello Law, we provide admin and secretarial support, conferences and regional meetings, as well as offices and client meeting rooms in 10 City-centre locations across the country. In this way, we offer absolute flexibility while helping lawyers and clients to remain connected.

While there is no typical “Excello lawyer”, we believe in quality, not quantity. The legal profession relies heavily on reputation and we are committed to growing our brand across our chosen sectors.

Our aim is to create a sustainable business and, as such, we will sacrifice numbers in order to achieve long-term success. We know that lawyers with good skills, experience and a client following or strong business plan, will benefit the most from our law firm structure, so spend a great deal of time listening to and understanding each lawyer’s objectives and motivations.

Joining Excello Law

We understand that it will take time to transition clients, open files, carry out work and then bill during the early months. We do offer financial assistance to help maintain cashflow for new Excello lawyers – please get in touch for more information about our financial support.

No; you don’t need to pay to become an Excello Lawyer.

We operate a transparent fee-share structure, whereby Excello lawyers receive the majority of the profit on costs, billed and paid of their own client work.

We operate a transparent fee-share structure, whereby Excello lawyers receive the majority of the profit on costs, billed and paid of their own client work.

While you will gain all the advantages of working within a team, you will be self-employed, either as an individual consultant lawyer or via a personal service company, subject to the terms of a legal services agreement. We can provide tailored guidance on the options available.

When you join Excello Law, we will help you to decide how best to structure your practice. Our team of tax and financial advisors will talk to you about logistics, tax and financial matters, such as mortgages and loans. For more information, please contact us.

Most senior lawyers working in a firm are subject to a notice period. If you become an Excello Lawyer, we will tailor your transition and induction package to meet your needs. This includes agreeing a mutually convenient start date.

It is not uncommon for lawyers to be subject to restrictive covenants. Our team has experience in dealing with circumstances such as this and we will factor it into your transition programme. If you would like to discuss the matter, please get in touch.

As an Excello Lawyer, your Professional Indemnity insurance will be covered by us. We currently have PII cover of £15m

You will need all the basics required for self-employment i.e. a computer (laptop or desktop with a Windows operating system), printer, scanner, phone and non-branded stationery. Our team can help you to source the equipment that you need and will introduce you to suppliers who offer discounted rates to Excello lawyers.

You will need to have a Microsoft Office package and anti-virus software, which we can help you source. All other technology is provided through our cloud-based systems – full training is given on each element as part of our induction programme.

Your post will be received by one of our offices in London, Liverpool, Leeds and Chester. Post is opened daily and is scanned and emailed to the relevant lawyer on the same day. We have facilities to centrally send and receive faxes – the latter and scanned and emailed to lawyers as received.

Excello Law is about collaborative working. This way, our lawyers and our clients benefit from an unrivalled range of skills and experience. We operate a referral incentive scheme that promotes peer referrals; in fact, over 40% of the files opened by Excello lawyers came from internal referrals.

Over 15 teams now work nationally across all practice areas. These are consultant lawyer led, supported by a mixed team of associates, newly qualifieds, paralegals and trainees. We actively support those lawyers looking to build teams and provide tailored recruitment and employment options.

Our success, and that of our lawyers, is based on teamwork; we encourage our lawyers to get to know each other and we host regional lunches, practice get-togethers and national conferences to facilitate our strong team ethos. We organise an optional social calendar, which includes annual summer and Christmas parties. Our office network encourages team working and interaction between lawyers.

Joining Excello Law

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in becoming part of the Excello team.