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Excello Incubator – Start Your Own Brand of Law Firm

For aspiring lawyers and startup law firms with bold ambitions, our Incubator Service at Excello Law serves as your launchpad to success.

With a focus on efficiency, we offer a streamlined setup solution that includes capital investment, marketing, PR, web package, law firm management (including compliance and PII), and more, tailored to your needs. By joining our platform, you gain access to our robust resources while we actively invest in your growth.

As your practice matures and gains momentum, we’ll be right by your side, providing expert guidance to nurture your journey towards independence. Our ultimate aim is to facilitate a smooth migration to your own established firm, regulated and authorised by the SRA, when the time is right.

For those seeking a capital or wealth event in the future, we also can make introductions at the appropriate time to private equity investors.

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“With Excello Incubator I received invaluable guidance and support. Excello Law managed all the aspects of launching and running a legal practice. Now ‘Lowry Legal’ has become an established and independent law firm.”

           Katie McCann, Lowry Legal


Law Firm Stories

Witness real-life success stories like Lowry Legal and Roberts Law, exemplifying the immense potential for growth and prosperity under the Excello Incubator umbrella.

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