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Solutions for sole practitioners and firms

We invite sole practitioners and firms to join our firm, with over 12 successful integrations in recent years. Each application is treated individually, considering your business plan, experience, client base, and potential contributions to our cohesive team.

What do we offer?

We provide support and resources to aid in a seamless transition of your practice into Excello Law. Excello Law will take on the burdens of regulatory, management, financial, and administrative tasks. You can join as an individual consultant lawyer, as a team or continue to practice as a brand.

This transition allows your firm to step away from law firm management and focus on the practice of law. The benefit of joining a team of over 200 Excello lawyers opens up new opportunities for collaboration and support with experienced lawyers across multiple practice areas.

Succession planning

Law firm succession planning can be a challenging and sometimes costly predicament. We offer a cost effective and alternative solution to law firm closure. By choosing this cost-effective alternative, firms can continue operating under the banner of Excello Law, leveraging its platform to capitalise on existing client bases and potential growth opportunities. Excello Law becomes the conduit for preserving the firm’s legacy while pursuing professional ambitions.

Joining Excello Law

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in becoming part of the Excello team.